Country Portfolio

First click on the digital brochure – than use keyboard arrows to turn the page or take the following link:

>>> CountryBrochure

Please find also our GIZ FactSheets:

Good Governance
>>> FactSheet ARPD
>>> FactSheet ATJW
>>> FactSheet IDPoor
>>> FactSheet NAA
>>> FactSheet ASEAN Supreme Audit Institutions

Rural Development
>>> FactSheet RED
>>> FactSheet Land Rights

>>> FactSheet ASEAN Biocontrol


>>> FactSheet Fit for School
>>> FactSheet SHPP
>>> FactSheet SHPP – Health Care Financing
>>> FactSheet SHPP – Health Service Delivery
>>> FactSheet SHPP – Health Systems Governance
>>> FactSheet SHPP – Making Health Services Inclusive

Special Programmes
>>> FactSheet CPS
>>> FactSheet Stone Conservation
>>> FactSheet Alumni
>>> FactSheet Weltwärts

LASED fact sheets
>>> FactSheet Food Security
>>> FactSheet LASED
>>> FactSheet PEDOS

Please find also our KfW FactSheets:

>>> KfW FactSheet Rural Infrastructure
>>> KfW FactSheet Microfinance
>>> KfW FactSheet Health
>>> KfW Factsheet Electrification

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