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The analysis of the population's health status highlights significant territorial disparities: the State must guarantee equal access to health care for all throughout the country. Similarly, the dispersion of resources is now extreme. The State must therefore organize a partnership involving the many public and private actors who contribute to improving the health of the French. The law adapts and reorganizes the provisions introduced by the law on patients' rights and the quality of the health system, in order to simplify and improve the functioning of the many bodies involved in public health policy.

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The public health system must ensure a certain number of functions of expertise, consultation, coordination, programming and implementation. The structures in charge of these different functions have therefore been clarified and streamlined.

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Expertise has been brought together in a single national body: the High Council for Public Health, which takes over the missions of the High Council for Public Health of France and those of the High Council for Health, established by law as a continuation of the High Committee for Public Health. The interministerial development of public health policy is based on a structure: the National Public Health Council, which merges the missions of the National Health Security Committee and the National Technical Committee for Prevention.

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The national health conference provides the consultation function necessary for the definition of multi-year objectives. Its structure has been adapted to incorporate the new multi-year programming process. The National Institute for Prevention and Health Education is refocused on its mission of implementing the State's public health programs. In particular, it is responsible for promoting and disseminating prevention and health education programs.

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