WE MOVE! Cycling for Health and Environment

26 May 2015

Corporate sustainability is the enterprise-related, systematic, strategy-based adoption of economic and social responsibility, responsibility for climate and environment, as well as political participation. The coordinated and continuous improvement in these fields supports the innovative abilities and sustainability of our company and increases the quality of our services in international cooperation for sustainable development.

Action Days is an initiative of the German Government’s Council for Sustainable Development.

Our slogan this year is We move. Sustainability. Worldwide.

We are working hard for a better future, but of course, health and environment are part of the most vital elements in life which we cannot ignore. Global warming cause climate changed in an unpleasant way that we all are suffering. So, action should be taken, and it starts from US!

As part of the awareness rising, GIZ Cambodia together with Cambodian-German Friendship Association (KDF), and Cycling for Freedom Team jointly organised an event under the theme: “WE MOVE!  Cycling for Health and Environment”.

The colleagues and their families were invited for cycling in the green country side for a good health from Phnom Penh to Koh Oknha Tei and Dach crossing several rivers by ferry to plant 50 trees in a pagoda on the island for the climate and environment protection.

The message of cycling for health and environment protection was spread out to the villagers and passengers on the ferry along the way of our trip.

To support our colleagues in need in Nepal suffering from the earthquakes, our participation fees will be donated to them.

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