Innovative Fundraising to Improve Access to Health

Money Flower Ceremony in Bendei Pagoda (2015)

Money Flower Ceremony in Bendei Pagoda (2015)

11 February 2016

Preikuy commune, Kampong Svay district, February 2015 – In Kampong Svay, a local initiative has created a new and innovative way to support the poorest and the most vulnerable members of the community: persons with disabilities and older persons. During a money flower ceremony at Bendei pagoda $3,289 were donated by the community to enable those in need to visit a doctor when falling ill. The money was then donated to finance moto dubs, which are contracted, to bring the most vulnerable people from their home to a health centre. This basic service could be a matter of life or death for many that cannot afford the transport to get to health centres. The initiative was jointly started by the local government and religious authorities and facilitated by GIZ. More>>>

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