German International Cooperation in Cambodia

Setting standards in sustainable development

At GIZ, we take a lead in international cooperation services for sustainable development. As a federal, public-benefit company, we work primarily on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), but also forother federal ministries and public and private sector clients domestically and beyond. These include the governments of other countries, the European Commission, the United Nations and the World Bank. With the aim to promote (and set standards in) sustainable development, we are working in 130 countries worldwide.

Our success in international cooperation is built upon a strong foundation of technical experience and networks in partner countries. From small and medium businesses to research development: from cultural conservation to strengthening civil society, our work reaches just about every corner of society.

Technical expertise and know-how – it’s our equation for success. Across the globe, we employ over 17.000 field experts: 70 percent of whom are employed locally as national personnel. We employ an additional 1,000 development workers that support governments and policy makers. Additionally, CIM, the Centre for international Migration and Development – jointly run byGIZ and the German Federal Employment Agency – places experts with local employers to support their work. And to prepare young women and men with invaluable international experiences, approximately 500 graduates are assigned abroad annually through our Weltwärts Programme.

Effectiveness – our yardstick for quality

We aim to achieve maximum effectiveness. To ensure we are on the right track, our results-based monitoring system gauges the impacts of our interventions right from the planning phase. We set standards in accountability, and present our results to commissioning parties, partners and the general public. Our lessons learned are reapplied to our work, improving activity management and boosting our effectiveness.

Tailor-made services

Demand-driven and tailor-made: Our effective services promote sustainable development. The voices of our stakeholders are integrated in our work as we base our principles around those upheld in German society. Including our stakeholders’ voices in our work is how we facilitate change and empower women and men to take ownership of their own sustainable development processes.

Our work considers political, economic, social and ecological complexities that challenge development. Based on partners’ needs we tailor our services to meet policy goals – at all levels.

A partnership based on mutual trust – our work in Cambodia

Mutual consultation, trust and partnership are the core of our work with the Government of Cambodia, where we have been based since 1994.

Our ongoing work in rural development and health and social security responds to the needs of the Cambodian people, supporting them recover from the years of political strife and poverty. To provide a steady foundation during this period of transition, we also work in the area of good governance as a cross-cutting issue, to promote gender equality, political participation, transparency and to counteract corruption.

In Phnom Penh, our office works with approximately 140 national professionals and nearly 100 international staff. Our presence in the nation’s capital since 2001 has helped build our close working relationship with the government and has fostered our cooperation with local partners.

Since pacification in 1993, Cambodia has demonstrated tremendous economic growth and has steadily worked towards national development goals. Nonetheless, poverty and insufficient social services prevail throughout the rural areas, hampering successful development. We understand that there’s no hurdle Cambodia cannot overcome, as the country has transformed from battle-scarred to a stable, functioning government system.

The results: Our work has assisted Cambodia to reduce infant mortality, promote gender-responsive justice systems and secure access to land for all. Our support in the area of regional economic development helped Cambodians to increase their annual income and cross the poverty line. With our assistance to the Royal Government of Cambodia of Cambodia’s governance reforms, Cambodian Citizens will be able to enjoy slowly but surely, more accountable, efficient and transparent administrative systems and government services.

Together with the Government of Cambodia, our work fosters peace, justice and reconciliation.

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