Costing of Health services in three Provinces

13 August 2018

Healthcare policy decisions must be based on economic and epidemiological evidence. While knowledge of the epidemiological situation in Cambodia is considerable, little is known about the cost of healthcare services in this country. Existing data is obsolete and frequently not based on a standard methodology. This study was conducted by GIZ in partnership with the Cambodian Ministry of Health (MOH) in 2017, based on data from 2016. The objectives were first, to calculate the unit cost of public healthcare services in Cambodia (health centers, primary and secondary hospitals) as a foundation of evidence-based decision-making; and second, to demonstrate that costing of healthcare services in Cambodia is feasible and can develop into a routine system

The study involved 25 public health facilities: 16 health centers without beds, 4 health centers with beds, 2 provincial hospitals that deliver the “complementary package of activities – level 3″ (CPA3), two CPA2 district hospitals, and one CPA1 hospital.

The fndings show that costing of public healthcare services following a standard methodology is feasible in Cambodia. The results can also be used for managers at various levels of the health system. However, the sample must be broadened, and data collection must become routine practice in order to base policy- and healthcare decision-making on economic evidence. For this purpose, administrative standards in health facilities, operational districts and provincial health departments must be strengthened.

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