Community Based Organization Built in Othom Village Tipo Commune, Kampong Thom Province

23 June 2015

In Kampong Thom Province, communities are working together to eradicate hunger. Since March 2015, the land recipient community of Othom village has established 16 communal food security interest groups, comprising of 10-22 households per group – driving the movement for communities to be self-reliant. Established on the principals of GIZ’s Improvement of Livelihood and Food Security (ILF) project, the food security interest group has received up to 700 kg of milled rice and has provided access to food for 300 households that are residing in a near-by new settlement.

Since May 2015, community members and authorities have been working to support village administrative processes and proposals to integrate the working group’s initiatives into commune investment plans. This community-based organization is also monitoring the fulfilment of contractual obligations of land recipients.

On 12 May 2015, seven land recipients (4 females, 3 males) were elected as community committee representatives. The criteria for representatives to be elected include:

  • Readiness to work on volunteer basis
  • Interest to help the community
  • Self-motivation
  • A good communicator, willing to share knowledge, trustworthy, taking initiative
  • Resourceful: candidates should have knowledge of how to mobilize support from outside resources

The positions up for election included the village chief, vice chief, community agricultural facilitator, gender focal person, financial assistant and information secretary. Mrs. Peng Srey Hort was elected as chief of land recipient committee for the community of Othom village. As a result, the process of setting-up the community committee structure has been recognized by commune councils, district and provincial authorities.

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