18 Young Cambodian Stone Conservators Pass Final Exam

Final Exam

Final Exam

24 March 2015

Siem Reap, Cambodia – It was a special day for the 18 students of APSARA Stone Conservation Unit: After two years of intense training they were about to finish their studies with a final exam last Monday.

APSARA is the only Cambodian institution offering a vocational training programme to become a Stone Conservator in Cambodia. It addresses the urgent need for skilled conservators to safeguard the temples of Angkor and others located in remote areas. The programme puts the care of Cambodian heritage back into the hands of local people.

The design of the two-year training programme was based on the German vocational training system. The curriculum consists of theoretical lessons and guided practical work. Following the specially developed “Handbook Stone Conservation and Restoration in Angkor”, the students learned how to classify types of natural rocks; their cultural history;  how to assess damage on decorated temple walls and how to treat them accordingly. More>>>

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